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Arguss, s.r.o.

Enviromental Policy

So as to meet the guarantees and needs of continuous development of the company, as well as to apply top field standards and meet the requirements of STN 14 001 environment management system, our company pledges to:
  • Always honour and observe valid waste management laws and other environmental regulations and always implement our business objectives in compliance with universally recognised ethic principles.
  • Always transport hazardous waste in compliance with valid regulations and ADR.
  • If possible, prefer recovery of wastes and regeneration or material recycling or energy recovery, so that the utilisation of waste potential is preferred to its disposal by principle.
  • Run waste-recovering facilities that meet the principle of the best technology available, while considering its economic availability and justification.
  • Emphasize waste prevention in every activity from decision-making processes to the very execution by employees, and contribute to safe operation and minimisation of potential risks.
  • Raise proficiency of our employees including their environmental awareness, safety and health protection on the job, and so contribute to the reduction of environmental risks.
  • Honour and observe the principles of sustainable development; require cooperating subcontractors to observe the principles, too.
  • Inform public on our activities, goals, commitments and methods.
  • Make sure our employees identify with the environmental policy declared by our company on every level.

Bratislava, 3 November 2003

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