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Arguss, s.r.o.

About us

ARGUSS s. r. o. has been involved in the environmental protection and recovery in the Slovak Republic since 1994. Professionally, the company deals with waste treatment as standardized by the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic in the Regulation N° 365/2015 Coll.

ARGUSS s.r.o. Bratislava provides waste collection of non-functional light sources containing mercury for free. This offer is valid for all originators of non-functional light sources (waste categories 060404 and 200121) from whole area of Slovak Republic.

Company ARGUSS, s.r.o. offers cooperation in collecting, transportation and recycling of electro-waste to producers, importers and distributers of electric and electronic equipment.

We are proud to announce, that on 26th July 2005 our company was authorized by the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic to dispose electric and electronic waste in all 10 categories.

Our company operates throughout Slovakia. We run 6 operating units focusing especially on recycling technologies that facilitate material or energy reclamation.
So as to meet demands of our customers, we cooperate with a number of partners of similar focus throughout the Slovak Republic to help customers minimise their costs on environmentally-friendly waste treatment in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and valid legislation. We work according to Environmental Management System, according to standards of STN ISO 14001/ EN ISO 14001:1996. Implementation and applying of this system was confirmed with certification audit between 1st and 2nd June 2004. Accordingly, we have been awared with Certificate of the Environment Management System fo waste recycling, waste disposal and waste haulage.

The company is a Founding Member of the Association of Entrepreneurs in Waste Management – APOH. Association of Entrepreneurs in Waste Management was established on 28 June 1999 as the first professional association of entities running their businesses in the field of waste management in the Slovak Republic.

Association of Entrepreneurs in Waste Management has become a professional association of entrepreneurs in waste management recognised by the state administration and entities influencing legislative development and waste management evolution in the Slovak Republic.

As a Regular Member of the Association of Entrepreneurs in Waste Management we have pledged to operate in compliance with the Moral Code of the Association of Entrepreneurs in Waste Management Members. Therefore, we subordinated our business philosophy to this Moral Code.

The company is also recognised by the Recycling Fund. Upon written application of towns and municipalities, manufacturers or importers, the Recycling Fund refunds the company’s performances (of collection, transportation and recycling of mercury fluorescent light tubes and high-intensity discharge lamps, and electric and electronic waste) done for towns and municipalities as well as for manufacturers.
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