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Here you can find new information of our company.
We are proud to announce, that on 26th July 2005 our company was authorized by the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic to dispose electric and electronic waste in all 10 categories.

Annoucment of the waste disposal haulage round trip in 2005

There will be two big waste disposal haulage round trip - "spring" between May 2nd and June 30th, and "autumn" between October 3rd and December 22th.
In case, you demand to waste disposal in spring time, please, inform us immediately about supposed quantity a kind of waste by phone, fax, post or by e-mail. In case, you demand to waste disposal in autumn time, please, notify us after September 15th.
We will specify exact date of waste disposal after youf waste quantity notification. Nevertheless, waste disposal is not bound only to this dates, but can be carried out anytime during the year.

We would like to announce to our customers, that our company cover whole area of waste disposal, according to waste catalogue. In case you might be interested in waste disposal we will be glad to prepare a quotation for you.

We are proud to announce, that on 6th December 2004 our company was authorized by the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic to discharge mercury light sources (as 1st company in Slovak Republic). According to law no. 223/2001 Coll. (waste treatment), from 1st of January 2005, producers of mercury light sources can dispose this kind of waste only to authorized company.
Authorization is required for following waste categories:
060404 - waste containing mercury
200121 - mercury fluorescent light tubes

In our company was carried out certification audit between 1st and 2nd June 2004. Accordingly, we have been awared with Certificate of the Environment Management System fo waste recycling, waste disposal and waste haulage.
At the beginning of February, we have launched second part of the unique discontinuous line for TV screen and monitor treatment. Line has ability to process approx. 20.000 TV screens and monitors per year.
In the first phase, screens are being cutted and splitted into two parts (front part - made of special barium glass and rear part - made of lead glass). Each part is being processed, so that the glass does not contain any metal parts, luminescent material, nor vapored metal films. Such clean glass is dispatched to glass factory in Czech Republic, where is being used for producing new TV screens and monitors.
Having this line, we can achieve 90% recycle rate of TV screen and monitors.

Glass from the cone part after processing.
On 2nd of February, Mr. Dipl. Ing. Johan Műllaer (CEO), Mr. Ing. Andrej Árendáš, (commercial director) - both from company OSRAM SLOVAKIA a.s., and Ms. Monika Greczmiel from Munich headquartes of OSRAM GmbH (enivironment and technical safety department) has visited our recycling centre. Mr. RNDr. Vojtech Chovanec has shortly mentioned our company history and has presented technology for treatment of discharge light sources containing mercury. Our visitors has expressed satisfaction with achieved results of recycling discharge light sources containing mercury. At the end, participating parts were discussing possible future extend of cooperation.
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